The Holidays!!

I want to ask you all how in the heck I am supposed to get my little girl through the holidays without her being able to eat all the good things she is used to mommy making her? How are we all supposed to get through this? Yesterday her blood sugar jumped up to 191 just because I let her have a little less than a cup of ice cream! She is so sad and depressed and I just don’t know what to do about it anymore!! She hates this as well as we all do. It is not fare that mom,dad, and brother can eat anything but she can’t and how do we all make her to not feel left out?? Do we all just not have Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner or how do we get through this?? THIS IS JUST SO UNFAIR FOR HER!! I see her poor little sad face and she cries most of the time because she is just so tired of being a T2Diabetic and it just kills me inside and makes me so mad!! I feel like all these fast food places like McDonalds and many others are just killing people and if people only knew how they where eating themselves to death with all these fast food resteraunts people would put them out of business!! I wished I could do that myself!! I have gotten to where I hate the best time of year anymore because my baby can’t enjoy it like we used to and we cant make Christmas Cookies or anything together like we used to and I just don’t know how to deal with it!!


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