How We Beat Diabetes

My husband suffered from the effects of T2D for over 20 years.  In 2002 he was morbidly obese, was on 43 units of insulin, had neuropathy so severe in both his feet that he could not walk more than 75 feet at a time without resting.  The neuropathy made life miserable for him.  He was on Neurontin for the pain for over 15 years.  He was also suffering from profuse night sweats and sleep apnea.  He had to cover his pillow with a bath towel every night because of the sweating.  He fell asleep at the wheel while driving on the interstate one night and hit the concrete divider wall.  He was irritable and angry most of the time.  He had extremely dry and scaly skin on his elbows – like sandpaper!  He was ALWAYS tired.  He had lost his zest for life.  

In 2002 I read a book that changed our lives and started me on a path to learn all I could about diabetes and how to reverse the horrible effects.

In late 2002 early 2003, my came up with a program to help my husband.  Within 3 months of starting our program, he came off of all insulin (and has never looked back), within 9 months he lost 80 pounds, and lost 20 more last Fall for a total weight loss of 100 pounds.  Within a year the painful neuropathy in both is feet was gone!  He has been in 2 5K races and finished (walking).  He hasn’t taken Neurontin in 9 years.  He came off of diuretics which he had been on for nearly 30 years.  Night sweats and sleep apnea are gone!  His elbows are now like a baby’s soft cheek. Irritability is gone.  Tired?  Heck, he is like the Energizer Bunny.  I can’t get him to sit down.  I have my wonderful husband back!  

A week ago we were in Disney World.  My husband walked all day and night at the park without ever tiring!  I enjoyed the park but I enjoyed watching him walk and have fun even more.

For the last 10 years our lives have been completely different than they had been for the 20 years before.  We laugh, we play, we work and we love each other.  

In April of 2010, Dr. Clay Marsh of the Ohio State Medical School heard our story.  He asked if we would give a brief talk to open the lecture by Mr. Gary Taubes author of 2 seminal books on the effects of carbohydrates on the body.  His books, “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It” are must reads for diabetics.  We were thrilled to tell our story and to meet Mr. Taubes.

In September of last year, a Cleveland Clinic doctor heard our story and said this was a story that must be told.  He asked if we would meet with a reporter from a local NBC TV station.  We said yes, of course, and our piece ran 6 times on the news programs in one day.    During our meeting with that Cleveland Clinic orthopedic surgeon, he looked at my husband and said, “Do you know that you would have been dead by now if it hadn’t been for Mary’s program?”  Wow.  

We present our program to corporations, organizations, schools for continuing education and for health insurance organizations – anywhere we can get an audience to listen to How We Beat Diabetes.  

We also have a DVD of our classes that we are very excited about.  It is making an impact all over the country.

We have been blessed with good health and with being able to enjoy each other again in the past 10 years.  We will celebrate our 52nd wedding anniversary in October.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

You can see our before and after photos and order a DVD as well as learn more about us at our web site:


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