Cut off from Medical insurance!

Hello my Diabetic friends,

I really need some advice right now. My family is really panicking about this.

       My Diabetic sister just turned 21 years old, and she has been cut off of medical (Mainecare). I would like to know if anyone has lost their medical? How they were able to find a doctor who would prescribe their medicine? And if they were able to get assistance for their medical expenses?

        As Diabetics we are all in the same boat. We are very dependant on Medical insurance to just stay alive. We don’t ask for much all we want is to live healthy lives. DHS said, that “she wouldn’t be covered unless she had a disability”. My mom told them, “she is going to have a disability if she can’t get her insulin”. We pay taxes, she is a college student and is working full time. She might be able to pay for some of her medicines, but how is she supposed to get the medicine if she doesn’t have a doctor to prescribe it?!

I really appreciate any advice you guys could give me and my family. Thank you! 🙂

Your friend,

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