Better blood sugars

Well, I moved my night time Levimir injection from 10pm to 11pm and this seem to have made the morning blood sugars better, that and I have tried my best not to snack late at night. I am managing to avoid (mostly) sugary and processed foods, though I still overdo the bread.

My Hubby is waiting for an nagiogram which is to be done 17th July but we have been told any ANY symptoms that feel different we are to ring 999 (emergancy services for an ambulance).

We have been doing small walks round the avenues near us, very slow walks and too much exertion makes Neil need to use the GTN spray. Our GP said he is at very high risk of heart attack, this is frightening. He needs to lose about 90 lbs and move more as since losing his job 2 years ago, has been very sedentary. He (and me) do not smoke and very rarely drink.

I think this ‘wake up’ call for Neil has made me realise also just how much I need to look after myself and my diabetes better. I know I have some diabetic retinopathy (had v small amount of laser in right eye), I am on an ace inhibitor and simvistatin. AND I have rheumatoid arthritis (on methotrexate) – I think sometimes cos I am working and looking after the house/kids etc, I think I am super fit, well, maybe I am fitter than I think? But I know having diabetes makes it even more important to look after your general health and diabetic control.  My blood sugars are improving bit by bit and I use an app on my iphone and all the ‘good’ sugar levels are in green and the ones too high are in red – the red ones are less and less. Don’t you just love iphone apps!!!!!!


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