After Diagnosis

The doctor told me that my sugar after surgery was 312, that was how they discovered that I was diabetic. By the time I left the hospital, my sugar was dropping and by the time I went to my regular doctor to get a meter and such, my sugar was in the range they liked and preferred, which was a week later.

I have been going to my doctor every three months so she can monitor me and my progress. The first three months after being diagnosed was interesting. Learning to eat in moderation and portion control, and also exercising. I was never much for exercise before but after being diagnosed I know better. I watched my mother most of my life and I knew that I wanted to do better than she was able to do. She had a lot of problems that came with being a diabetic, so I vowed to make sure I took better care of myself and do what I needed to do. I started out slow in the exercise part and have been building to longer and longer times at walking. I do, on occasion, cardio, but walking is what I do the most.

Before being diagnosed and the year that I was doing the shots to rid me of the fibroids, my weight was around 176, but by the time of the surgery, I weighed 145. I know now that the weight loss I was experiencing was being undiagnosed, but I contributed it to the shots and all that came with that. I did gain about 10 pounds over the holidays and I have been trying since to lose that weight. It is not easy but I am doing my best. I have been figuring out what i can and cannot eat. I am careful what I do eat and so forth.

When I saw my doctor at three months after, my A1C was 5.7, which she was happy about. She takes blood every time I am there to see how I am doing. She did an A1C a few months back and it was a 6…so i am trying to be careful so it doesn’t creep up more. She is pleased with my progress and I am also. I just wish that I can lose more, but as I said it is not easy. I have joined a website called and the website has a lot of helpful information and cardio videos to use for exercise.

I am happy to have found this website so I can find others who are in the similar situation and correspond and also find help, if I need it.



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