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Type II Diabetic for the last 11-12 yrs. Started on Actos, a few years later added Glucovance 1.25/250

Was doing okay controlling my sugar or at least I thought so. Gained some weight ate so so, could have been better. On a doctor visit 6 weeks ago my doctor took me off Actos because of the all the warnings. He at that time bumped up my Glucovance 1.25/250 to two times a day. 

Since my doctor took me off Actos 6 weeks ago, I have been having trouble controling my sugar. I found out how bad when I thought I was having a low, swear I had all the symptoms so treated as a low. Ended up in the hospital with my sugar at 475. They gave me a dose of fast acting insulin and about an hour later sugar was at 477, gave me another dose of fast acting insulin and about an hour later sugar came down to 450, they sent me home. Follow up with my doctor. This all happened 2 weeks ago. 4-23-12

4-24-12 my follow up appt. I was already taking Glucovance 1.25/250 two times a day since going off the Actos. Doctor bumped me up to Glucovance 5/500 two times day. Come back in 2 weeks and check my sugar 3 times a day, walk, watch what I eat.  

5-8-12  I have lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks. He says lets keep on the Glucovance 5/500 two times day. Keep walking, walking, walking – drinking lots of water – and eating next to nothing (or so it seems). Unless something happens come back in 3 months to check my a1c. 


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