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Hello, I have been type 1 diabetic for 39 years, on insulin. Work almost full time in a local hospital in an Eye Department. On Levemir and Novorapid, take an ace-inhibitor, statin and Metformin. Have rheumatoid arthritis (on Methotrexate), since age 16. Recently diagnosed with asthma (got inhalers, clenil and salmeterol). Other than that am totally fit and healthy!!!!  Trying to lose about 30 lbs which has settled around my middle not the best look for a person just under 5 ft!!!!!!!
 Want to eat better, get healthier, fitter. Want to get out of the habit of eating sugary foods as my last a1c (hba1C) WAS 10, no one to blame but myelf and late night snacking (my worst habit).
Had some laser on my right eye (small leaks) but all is settled thankfully.Good cholesterol (4.2) and great blood results last time they were done about 2 months ago.
Would like to able to learn more about how to keep myself, get myself healthier(can always learn), have friends I can keep in touch with for advice, fun chat and to moan to and share my health angst with. It’s sometimes a bit lonely being diabetic, I have great friends and my hubby is so understanding etc but I think non-diabetics, well the people I know, just don’t seem to quite get it.  Hello to everyone on here. XCathy


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